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thethings.iO is a recent startup that claims to be the ‘Amazon Web Services’ for IoT.
thethings.iO platform provides an IoT backend solution for developers with an easy and flexible API. The standout feature is its interoperability i.e. its ability to work seamlessly with both REST and COAP APIs.
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Tempo IQ

Tempo IQ has risen quickly and evolved from a simple database provider to an IoT backend provider. Developers can monitor their data using the unique pipeline feature of Tempo IQ. Tempo IQ has also built SDKs for popular languages used to connect sensors.

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Founded in 2013, Temboo came as a God-send to developers looking to connect their sensors to the cloud. Temboo generates ready-made code snippets in all major languages based on the input from the developers about the service needed. Temboo has shown great potential and is a strong contender to become a middleware for IoT.

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Konekt recently raised $1.3 million in seed fund to develop an IoT communication platform. It amalgamates cellular plans, cloud infrastructure and APIs. Simply put, Konekt makes it incredibly easy for anyone to add cellular connectivity to their hardware devices.

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